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Cured Deer Roastbeef & White Bait Roe served with Egg Yolk, Pickled Onions and Flaxseed Cracker   149:-

Sjöbaren’s Fish & Seafood Soup with Garlic Bread   99:-

Marinated Herrings with Classic Companions   139:-

Vegan Shrimps with Glass Noodles & Seaweed Broth served with White Kimchi and Miso Fritters   109:-


Mussels boiled with White Wine, Garlic, Tomatoes, Chipotle Chili and Croutons      

99:- Starter  189:- Main

Fresh shrimps Served with Aioli and a Chive & Lemon Mayonnaise   

119:- 150g  225:- 300g

Langoustines Gratinated with Garlic Butter

169:- Starter  299:- Main

Three Oysters with Classic Companions  119:-  

All Seafood Dishes are Served with Bread and Butter.

Small: 150g Shrimps, 3 Boiled Langoustines, 1 Oyster, Boiled Mussels 395:-

Full: 300g Shrimps, 6 Boiled Langoustines, 2 Oysters, Boiled Mussels 740:-

The Seafood Platters are served with Aioli, Mayonnaise, Cheese Quiche,

Bread and Butter


CATCH OF THE DAY  Daily PriceWith the best commodities for this day, we compose one or

two main courses and present them on our blackboard

Back of Cod & Fried Cod Flap served with a Butter & Veal Emulsion, Mushroom Sautée, Potato Purée and Crispy Oyster Mushrooms Seasoned with Bacon Powder 299:-

No fish with Cruched Amandin Potatoes and Blackpepper Mayonnaise served with Pea Guacamole & Sourcream Crackers 199:-


Sjöbaren’s Fish Au Gratin with Cod Fish Filet, Shrimps & Mushrooms Served with White Wine Sauce and pommes duchesse 199:-

Sjöbaren’s Fish & Seafood Soup with Garlic Bread 159:-

Fresh Marinated and Smoked Salmon served with Potato Stewed in Dill 220:-


Crème Brülée with Cloudberry Ice Cream and a Cloudberry & Pumpkin Crisp  115:-

Dark Chocolate Créme with Coconut Donut served with Blackberry Sorbet, Blackberry Jam and Roasted Coconut 109:-

Todays selection of our homemade Ice Creams 
2 Spoons of Ice Cream with classic companions 79:-

Home Made Chocolate Truffles 59:-

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