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Swedish Roe from Kalix on toast with Cheese Crisp and Rye Cracker Pickled Onions and Sour Cream 299:-

Assorted Marinated Herrings with Classic Companions 154:-

Sjöbaren’s Fish & Seafood Soup with Garlic Bread 99:-

Seared Cod Cheeks With Truffle Bouillon & Grated Duck Liver served with Glazed Cabbage and potato Croutons 179:-

Salsify with smoked eggyolk, Cheese Créme and Rye Bread 109:-


Mussels boiled with White Wine, Tomato, Anchochili and Croutons 99:- Starter 189:- Main

Fresh shrimps Served with Aioli and a Chive & Lemon Mayonnaise 99:- 150g 195:- 300g

Langoustines Gratinated with Garlic Butter 159:- Starter 289:- Main

Three Oysters with Classic Companions 119:-

All Seafood Dishes are Served with Bread and Butter. 


Small: 150g Shrimps, 3 Boiled Langoustines, 1 Oyster, Boiled Mussels 380:-

Full: 300g Shrimps, 6 Boiled Langoustines, 2 Oysters, Boiled Mussels 720:-

Both Seafood Platters are served with Aioli, Mayonnaise, Cheese Quiche, Bread and Butter


Blackened Back of Cod with Jerusalem Artichoke and Mushrooms served with Green Cabbage, Beer Pickled Turnip and
Roasted Chicken Stock 299:-

Seafood Filled Filet of Which with Mussel Butter Sauce and Cauliflower Créme served with Marinated Broccoli & Peas, smoked Mussels and Potato Croquette 309:-

Dumplings with Chantarell Filling served with Cabbage Broth
and Lingonberries, browned Chantarells and Jerusalem artichoke Crisp 199:-

Catch of Today, daily price


Sjöbaren’s Fish Au Gratin with Cod Fish Filet, Shrimps & Mushrooms Served with White Wine Sauce and pommes duchesse 189:-

Sjöbaren’s Fish & Seafood Soup with Garlic Bread 159:-

Fresh Marinated and Smoked Salmon served with Potato Stewed in Dill 220:-


Chocolate Pannacotta with Bloodorange Sorbet & gel served with Dried Chocolate Mousse and Grated Chili 115:-

Fried “Boxholms” Cheese with Boiled Pears, salt Roasted Nuts and Honeycomb 109:-

Warm Rosehip Soup & Almond Milk Icecream, Dried Lemon, Almond Nougatine and Thyme Sponge 99:-

Home Made Chocolate Truffles 59:-