Menu in English


Lightly Smoked Tartar of Char with Horseradish Créme, Apple & Pickled Onions thereto Potato Crisp and Dill Oil. 149:-

Sjöbaren’s Fish & Seafood Soup with Garlic Bread. 99:-

Grilled Lobster with Almond Potatoe Créme & Lemon Baked Parsley Root served with Tarragon Foam, Sourdough Craker and Crispy Colza Seed. 198:-

Marinated Herrings with Classic Companions. 139:-

Lemonbaked Parsley Root with Vegan Caviar served with Pickled Onions, Lovage and Potato Crisp.109:-


Mussels boiled with White Wine, Onions, Garlic,Tomatoes,Chipotle Chili and Croutons  Starter 99:- Main 189:-

Fresh shrimps Served with Aioli and a Chive & Lemon Mayonnaise 150g 119:- 300g 225:-

Langoustines Gratinated with Garlic Butter Starter 169:- Main 299:-

Three Oysters with Classic Companions 119:-

All Seafood Dishes are Served with Bread and Butter.


Small: 150g Shrimps, 3 Boiled Langoustines, 1 Oyster, Boiled Mussels


Full: 300g Shrimps, 6 Boiled Langoustines, 2 Oysters, Boiled  Mussels 740:-

The Seafood Platters are served with Aioli, Mayonnaise, Cheese Quiche,

Bread and Butter


Filet of  Witch with Forest Mushrooms,Variation of Celeriac and an Apple & Cider Butter Sauce. 299:-

Lentil & Shiitake Cake with Baked Beetroot,Beetroot Crisp served with Celeriac Créme, Truffle Snow and Fermenterad Beetroot Sauce   199:-


With the best Commodities for this day, we compose two Main Courses and present them on our blackboard. Daily price


Sjöbaren’s Fish Au Gratin with Cod Fish Filet, Shrimps & Mushrooms Served with White Wine Sauce 199:-

Sjöbaren’s Fish & Seafood Soup with Garlic Bread 159:-

Fresh Marinated and Smoked Salmon served with Potato Stewed in Dill 220:-


”Classic Swedish Apple Pie” Rye Bread Crumbs on Arrac Fried Apples served with Browned Butter, Vanilla Ice Cream and Granny Smith Jelly. 115:-

Grilled Sponge Cake Fermented Banana & Chocolate Sauce served with Coconut Iceream, Muscovado Meringue and Dried Bananas.109:-

 Espresso Icecream & Mascarpone Mousse served with Crushed Caramel & Ginger Cakes and Candied Oranges. 115:-

Home Made Chocolate Truffles 59:-