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Today´s Choice of Delicacies served on Wooden Plate 139:-

Sjöbaren’s Fish Soup with Garlic Bread 95:-

Swedish Roe from Kalix served with Smetana, Lemon, Onions, Toasted Sourdough Bread and Truffel Crisps 209:-

Lightly Smoked Filet of Trout served with Crab and Lettuce, Sauce Hollandaise and Anchovy Crisp 145:-


Mussels boiled in White Wine, Garlic and Parsley served with Pommes Frites and Aioli
Starter 89:-/Main 169:-

Fresh shrimps Served with Aioli, Chive & Lemon Mayonnaise
150g/300g Daily Price

Crayfish Gratinated with Garlic
Starter/Main Daily Price

Three Swedish Oysters with Lemon & Onion Vinaigrette 159:-

All Our Shellfishes is Served with Bread and Butter


Wallenberger of the sea with Beeths and Capers, Horse-Radish, Apple Butter Sauce and and a Salsify & Potatoe Mash 199:-

Oven Baked Back of Cod served with Poached Egg, Green Pea Purè, Fried Anchony and Browned Butter with boiled Anya Potatoes & Spinach 285:-

Filet and Sausage of Monkfish served with Tomatoe and Bean Ragout, Herb Vierge and a Potatoe & Chickpea Croquette 299:-

Sjöbaren`s Classics 

Sjöbaren’s Fish Au Gratin with Cod Fish Filet, Shrimps & Mushrooms Served with White Wine Sauce 169:-

Sjöbaren’s Fish Soup with Garlic Bread 149:-

Fresh Marinated and Smoked Salmon served with Potato Stewed in Dill 199:-


Boiled Pear with a Arrack Petit Choux served Vanilla Ice Cream & Cracky Nut Fudge 95:-

Milk Chocolate Terrine with Banana Ice Cream, Strega Fudge, Chocolate Crumble & Meringue 99:-

Crème Brülée Flavoured with Coconut and served with Pineapple & Mango and a Yuzu Sherbet 99:-

Home Made Chocolate Truffles 49:-

Set Menues for at least six people. Must be pre-ordered

Please see ”Menyförslag”