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Fried Squid with Tempura Beets and Pak-soi served with Aioli and Blackened Lemon 164:-

Sjöbaren’s Fish Soup with Garlic Bread 99:-

Swedish Roe from “Kalix” and Lightly smoked Filet of Char served with Variation Of Jerusalem Artichokes and Homemade Cream Cheese 229:-

Assorted Marinated Herrings ”Swedish Style” with Classic Sides 109:-

Clear Mushroom Soup with Pumpkin, Bean Sausage and Roasted Mushrooms 99:-


Mussels boiled with White wine, Garlic, Parsley & Smoked Cream served with Root Crackers and Aioli
Starter 95:-/Main 179:-

Fresh shrimps Served with Aioli, Chive & Lemon Mayonnaise
150g 99:- /300g 198:-

Crayfish Gratinated with Garlic
Starter 159:- /Main 289:-

Three Oysters with Classic Companions 119:-

All Our Shellfishes is Served with Bread and Butter


Half: 150g Shrimps, 3 Boiled Crayfishes, 1 Swedish Oyster 1/2 Mussels 380:-

Full: 300g Shrimps, 6 Boiled Crayfish, 2 Swedish Oysters, 1/1 Mussels 720:-

Both Seafood Platters are served with Aioli, Mayonnaise, Cheese Quiche, Bread and Butter


Wallenberger of the Sea with Fresh Srimps and Horseradish Sauce served with Crushed Peas and Amandine Potatoes 199:-

Lemon Sole, Butter fried and served with Lobster Mousseline, Truffle Créme, Season Vegetables and a Potato Fondant  319:-

Back of Ling, Lightly Marinated in Lemon with a Chantarelle, Apple & Cabbage Sautée, Baked Celeriac, Pumpkin Créme and Apple Vinegar Sauce 259:-

Baked Celeriac with Chantarelle, Apple & Cabbage Sautèe, Pumpkin Créme and Apple Vinegar Sauce 159:-

Sjöbaren`s Classics 

Sjöbaren’s Fish Au Gratin with Cod Fish Filet, Shrimps & Mushrooms Served with White Wine Sauce 169:-

Sjöbaren’s Fish Soup with Fish & Seafood and Garlic Bread 149:-

Fresh Marinated and Smoked Salmon served with Potatoes Stewed in Dill 199:-


Caramel Baked Autumn Apples With Cinnamon Mazarin and a Smetana & Fennel Sorbet 95:-

Chocolate Paté with Carrot & Cardamom Compote served with Roasted Hazelnuts and Vanilla Ice Cream 109:-

Variation of Cloudberries with Champagne Mousse and Crushed Cookies 109:-

Home Made Chocolate Truffles 59:-


For Set Menues, Please see ”Menyförslag”